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55 Books Guaranteed To Elevate Your Leadership Skills

Your time is valuable, stop wasting time with books that lead to disappointment.

  • Benefit #1: All highly rated books 
  • ​Benefit #2: All books available on Amazon​
  • Benefit #3: Reading can reduce stress
  • Benefit #4: Reading can strengthen your vocabulary
  • Benefit #5: You don't have to waste your time on a mediocre book.

My colleague Dustin and I have read well over 100 books over the last 24 months only to be continually underwhelmed. I'm often left imagining what it would be like if I started reading these books earlier in life. What if we weren't wasting time reading average books. To prevent you from going through the same problem, we've each read well over 150 books. Based on our opinions and online reviews, we've compiled a list of the 55 best business and leadership books. 

Chris Burns | Hustle Leaders | Co-Founder

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